We Work

Fun, with a Purpose

Game Development is hard, we know this as we have people who have done this for decades. So we need to make sure that people enjoy and have fun while doing it, are passionate about their work and find it meaningful. Board game nights, gaming time on discord with colleagues, passionate discussion on the latest titles is part of everyday studio discussions, and we aim to cultivate this. We want to be delivering true value to our players, and it comes from understanding and knowing our players well – by being them.

Highly Aligned, Highly Trusted

Driven by ambition and shared vision, we embrace ambiguity, and find innovative and creative solutions. This can only exist in teams which are highly aligned on the purpose, and can execute at speed – both of which require highly trusted pods.

Small Teams, Big Impact

We believe in the magic of working in close knit, autonomous units. We believe this is how we can truly ensure every voice gets heard and create impactful products. Also coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

Walker Labs team and studio photos

Why work with us?

Perks & Benefits

If you join the team, it’s because we believe you are, or will be one day, one of the best at what you do. And that means you deserve competitive, no-nonsense benefits and a workplace that champions your talents.

Competitive Salaries

Compensation package which recognizes your worth.


Ensuring your well-being is priority.

Industry Veterans

Learn and grow alongside some of the best minds in the AAA Gaming and Tech space.

Autonomous Teams

Empowerment at its finest, driving innovation on cutting edge tech.

Come build
with us

Are you enthusiastic about crafting groundbreaking open-world gaming experiences that defy convention? Are you interested in becoming a part of a dynamic and driven team based in Stockholm? At Walker Labs, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse and exceptionally skilled group of individuals who share your passion. Come join us in the journey of shaping limitless worlds.